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  • Annapolis Educational Article of the Month - How to Trap a Beaver

How to Trap a Beaver

While there are different ways to get rid of Annapolis beavers, the best and most effective method is with the use of live trap. There are still other types of trap which you can get from hardware store around your home but it is important for you to choose live trap so as to avoid killing beavers. However you need to go through regulations available on beaver control in your municipality before going head to deal with beaver using trap. More so, for you to trap a beaver, you need right trap, perfect positioning as well as patient. This is due to uniqueness of this second-largest rodent among other animals in the homes. So, you are going to learn how to trap a Maryland beaver in this article.

Select Suitable Beaver Trap
Just as it has been said earlier, you need to use right trap before you can catch a Maryland beaver live. So, the first step is to choose suitable beaver trap and the best trap you need for this is a trap with extra large size and long lasting with the capability to support weight and size of weaver you want to catch. For that reason you need to keep the following factors in mind when selecting trap for Annapolis beaver: The size of the trap which should about 42 inches long and 15 inches wide, safety as well as the durability of the trap.

Determine Best Placement for Your Trap
Honestly, you need to know t hat wrong trap placement can make you fail in your ambition. Luckily to you, Annapolis beavers normally travel in a particular pattern throughout their home ranges. For that reason, placing your trap on their travel path will give you chance of catching them quicker. So, you have to take your time to find out their travel paths and set your trap on them.

Put Baits on Your Trap
There is no animal that will purposely get into trap for you to get rid of it. For that reason, you need to lure them to your trap using suitable bait. One of the most effective baits you need is beaver castor but you can equally use twigs, poplar branches and others. Ensure that the bait is positioned well preferably at the back of metal trigger so as to force the Annapolis beaver to step on the trigger. If you want to place your trap partially in water, you have to hang the bait so as to keep it dry and attractive for beaver.

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