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  • Annapolis Educational Article of the Month - Groundhog repellents

Groundhog repellents

Groundhog repellents

This article is going to hopefully be a huge surprise to anyone reading because there is a Maryland groundhog repellent that also repels rabbits, and if it doesn't repel them it at least makes skunks and deer think again before attacking what you're trying to protect. It is a variation of one of the most used and sold Annapolis critter repellents on the market. What I'm talking about is predator urine, the stores sell coyote, fox and even mountain lion urine, though how they would actually collect such substances I don't want to know about, I doubt they are the genuine article but are most likely Maryland chemical solutions designed to mimic the real thing.

The substance I'm talking about using to deter Annapolis groundhogs is free, is in your house daily already, and the really big surprise if you use it around your garden is it is a natural fertilizer, is full of nitrogen and can and will replace a lot of chemical fertilizers. What we're talking about here is human pee, yes, human. Groundhogs in particular try and avoid humans at all cost so if you collect what you and your family flush away every day and dribble some of it on the ground around your garden, around your borders and around the Maryland groundhogs burrow, then usually two things happen. The first is your plants stop getting attacked during the night and there are no more holes dug in your property, the second is if you do this in early spring before the babies are born the Annapolis groundhog will probably pack up and move.

I said before that the chemical copies of predator pee will deter Maryland groundhogs and they will but not for long, groundhogs seem to be able to work out that even if a coyote urinated near the garden is long gone because the groundhog has not been able to find anything else that says there is a coyote hanging around, whereas with the human pee the Annapolis groundhog sees you and hears you all the time, and to a groundhog you have to remember that human beings look like predators.

As well as a liquid spray repellents there are granulated formulas as well, most of them work up to a point because of a Marlyand groundhogs nature, they are rather timid and shy so anything they don't like they avoid. I have to say however that electronic repellents have no effect at all.

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