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  • Annapolis Educational Article of the Month - Snake repellents

Snake repellents

Snake repellents

As it turns out snakes are quite easy to repel they have a vulnerability which humans have learned to exploit, snakes rely on the sense of smell for every thing so if you disrupt their sense of smell they quickly get the message and leave. One of the most effective of all snake repellents is mothballs, the naphthalene in mothballs completely destroys a Maryland snakes sense of smell for some time, generally makes a snake go the opposite direction quickly. However when using mothballs you must realize they are highly toxic especially to pets and children so be careful where you lay them.

Other kinds of repellents are sulfur-based sprays that are available in practically any hardware store, these are all extremely safe, environmentally friendly and fully tested. Also because they contain no naphthalene at all they can be sprayed any where without risk to pets or children. These sprays are mostly recommended for use when you're out camping but are equally effective around your house and yard. They are long lasting, up to 30 days, and have a cumulative effect, after you sprayed the same area a few times the effect can last up to 60 days.

Some people also swear by predator urine in both liquid and granular form as a deterrent for most Annapolis snakes, and as snakes are generally prey, with only the venomous ones being dangerous to the predator, then I imagine most small nonvenomous snakes would want to avoid a coyote at all costs, figuring if they meet one they will be the lunch. I've also read that a mixture that contains garlic, chili powder, peppermint and sulfur does the job as well but after reading a lot more on the subject, just the sulfur alone will do the job and also helped fertilize your Maryland garden.

Another thing that has been written a lot about are ultrasonic sound emitters, the manufacturers say they send out high-frequency signals that will scare just about anything, the FTC and most evidence submitted suggest they won't scare anything at all, and I do mean nothing at all so don't waste your money. The final way of getting repelling Annapolis snakes from your property is probably to have your own resident predator, if you have a terrier type dog most of these will kill any snake that comes on the property but the snakes can detect the dog from a long way away and will most likely avoid it.

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