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  • Annapolis Educational Article of the Month - Squirrel trapping: how to trap a squirrel

Squirrel trapping: how to trap a squirrel

Squirrel trapping: how to trap a squirrel

There are a few different schools of thought on the best way to trap a Maryland squirrel. Most of them seem to revolve around whether to use a one or a two door trap. However research suggests that nearly all professional trappers use a one door trap and as I believe Annapolis professionals usually know best we will talk about how to use a one door trap, plus it is also the cheapest to buy and the easiest to find. A one door squirrel trap is approximately 15 to 25 inches long and quite small remembering the animal you're after is also small. It is basically a rectangular box with a entry door at one end, a trigger plate about 20 inches into the trap with the bait holder in the last 5 inches. The objective of the trap is it the squirrel walks into it to get the bait and when he steps on the trigger plate the door behind it closes and the Maryland squirrel was trapped.

Now you decided what kind of trap you are going to use the next decision you have to make is where to put it. You need a flat surface that is on a Maryland squirrel pathway, if you're not sure where the pathways are a good place to start is at the base of a tree you have seen the squirrel in or along the wall where the entrance way they are using to get into the house is.

Here are some of the favored places to put the squirrel trap:
• Along the wall in the attic, shed or crawlspace
• In front of a known entry the animal is using
• The base of the tree
• If you have a bird feeder then along the base of the closest fence
• On your roof in a place closest to tree branches or power lines

After you have selected your trap and decide where to put it you need to select the bait you are going to use, some people say peanut butter is good bait but experts disagree as peanut butter can be scooped out through the mesh. Annapolis Professionals always use large solid baits that can only be removed through the door. Any kind of whole nut still in its shell is a very good bait.

Remember once you set your trap to check it very often as a trap Maryland squirrel will be stressing out once it is inside the trap. When handling the trap with the squirrel in it make sure the animal cannot even scratch or bite you.

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